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Young Cal Cunningham seems to have a future in politics or, rather, he may be a real politician – example his latest email; he urgently writes:
“I can’t believe it. This morning Senator Richard Burr voted against funding our troops…as hundreds of Marines at Camp Lejeune held tearful farewells…as they prepared to ship out to Afghanistan.”
Cal goes on to add Richard Burr also doesn’t want our troops to have body armor or armored vehicles;¾so, according to young Cal, his opponent in the Senate race is a wicked knave who wants to abandon our troops in Afghanistan, leaving them stranded without a dime and without body armor; I doubt people will be any more likely to believe that than they were to believe another North Carolina politician when she said Kay Hagan was an atheist.
In fact what Senator Burr did was vote against a Defense Appropriations bill loaded with pork after saying Congress ought to fund the military and forget the pork.
Last fall Elizabeth Dole reaffirmed the principle in most campaigns it’s not what your opponent does to you, it’s what you do to yourself that defeats you and young Cal Cunningham’s proved the point again.
Richard Burr ought to be thanking his lucky stars – he may be the luckiest politician on earth.



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3 comments on “Cheap Shot Cal

  1. -1 says:

    So if I go back and look at all the defense approps bills that Burr has voted for, I won’t find any pork? Or will I find that he finds it easier to vote for approps bills when the President is George W. Bush?

    Also, I honestly don’t know, so forgive me if I’m off base, but was Carter objecting when the GOP spent all of 2004 attacking John Kerry for voting against various defense spending bills?

  2. cwrenn says:

    Dear Dan, It seems to me you’re arguing because Burr did this wrong or Bush did that wrong it justifies Cal Cunningham’s video — is that what you meant to say? Best, Carter

  3. -1 says:

    In a way, that is what I’m arguing. This is unfortunately a cynical game that politicians like to play – take votes out of context and hit their opponents over the head with them. It’s not right, but it’s part of the game.

    Another cynical game politicians like to play is voting against generally good bills in order to undercut the other party. Seems to me that you’re calling out Cal for playing the first game, and Cal is calling out Burr for playing the second. Who’s right? That answer’s probably deep in the weeds of the bill – are there measures to which Burr genuinely objects, or does it contain things he normally supports? I honestly don’t know.

    In any event, it doesn’t really matter (unfortunately). Unilateral disarmament isn’t an option in politics – if one side does it, the other side will.

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