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With North Korea building missiles and Iran building nuclear bombs it looks like the time has come for us to build the Strategic Missile Defense. After all, if Korea or Iran are dead set on building nuclear weapons, there doesn’t seem to be a way to stop them – short of launching a pre-emptive nuclear strike of our own and God knows what will happen if we open that Pandora’s Box.

We had better get serious about SDI, otherwise, we may end up depending on ‘Mutual Assured Destruction’ again with our enemies being not what appears now to be the imminently rational Russians, but some fanatic in Tehran who seems likely to put a warhead on a missile and aim it at Israel.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has consistently opposed to SDI. I’m delighted she and the Democrats passed ‘Ethics Reform’ their first day in power, particularly banning Congressman flying ‘here and yond’ on posh corporate jets.

Now, President Bush should step to the plate and challenge Mrs. Pelosi to pass SDI. That way when the North Koreans finally build a missile that shoots straight we’ll have an answer.

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