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Toe-sucking transpartisan consultant-turned-pundit Dick Morris, the only man alive who advised both Bill Clinton and Jesse Helms, is right about one thing: Politics in America is headed left.

Race may keep Barack Obama from becoming President. But otherwise 2008 looks like 2006 continued. That could mean more Democrats in the Senate and House. It could spill down to the state and local levels in North Carolina.

That’s sobering news for business and business lobbyists.

The Senate last week hauled oil company execs into the public dock for some televised bashing. Other industries will get their turn as a public piñata.

The reasons are obvious. Times are bad. People are mad. Everything costs more – food, gas, you name it.

When voters see profits rising and executives’ salaries soaring, they get madder. The politicians will hear the screams. And they will respond. The result: more hearings, more regulations, more public bashing.

Business lobbyists will earn their money in the months and years ahead. Time to raise your rates, boys and girls!

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