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Gary is taking a break from blogging. Here is a post from a guest Tapster:
We recently complained that the State Capitol Police wasted taxpayer money to install a radar gun in one of its cruisers. It seemed absurd that the Capitol Police need this capability when there are plenty of other police organizations to nab speeders.
So, it mystified us when a Capitol Police officer took his lunch break last week at a restaurant in northwest Raleigh that gives law enforcement officers a discount on their meals. We salute the restaurant, and wish more businesses would give a break to these overworked and underpaid heroes (perhaps expand it to teachers!)
But the Capitol Police officer used poor judgment to drive his cruiser to a restaurant five miles from the State Capitol and two miles from the nearest state government building. And, the officer parked around back, out of sight, mostly hidden from the prying eyes of grumpy taxpayers.
It’s frustrating that the officer drove past dozens of affordable downtown restaurants and drove miles from the capitol to get his discount. His response time to a capitol emergency would’ve been seriously delayed, and he further reinforced that the State Capitol Police Department is redundant and burning through state resources that could be better invested elsewhere.


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One comment on “Capitol Police: Out to lunch?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I like this subject but it’s not exactly “political”. The reason I like it is because it points out just one more taxpayer-funded government function that should be looked at in the areas of effectiveness and efficiency.

    I think you are saying that the State Capitol Police Department is actually not truly needed (redundant) because we already have police in the town in the first place that can do what the separate department of the Capitol Police Department does (or at least is designed to do). I’m not sure eliminating that department would end up being any more efficient or cost effective because there would necessarily have to be more officers and administrative personnel to handle what the Capitol Police does. But, it sure is worth a look to find out if, in fact, there are redundancies and unneeded expenditures.

    I am not sure how long this police element has existed but I’d bet it didn’t just come about when McCrory came into office or when the republicans became the majority party in Raleigh. I like it, though, that you believe that we need to be looking at efficiency within our state government. I’ve always known that both democrats AND republicans want to operate government in an efficient manner and that the only thing that stands in the way of that is politics…better put, hard headedness and finger pointing. So, this situation should have a bi-partisan committee assigned to it with the goal of coming away with good security within the capital grounds and for our legislators in the most efficient way possible.

    Maybe if your post here is read by someone in power that agrees, we’ll see something done here.

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