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This is a piece of advice that I hope finds its way to my Congressman, Brad Miller.

Brad, Americans love happy warriors. Think Roosevelt, Clinton, Kennedy and, yes, Reagan.

We do not go for mopers and whiners. Think Dole (Bob), Hoover and Carter.

This week, Brad, I talked to two friends who attended recent fundraisers for you – one here and one in Washington.

Both described you the same way: morose, dejected and droopy-faced over the terrible things Vernon Robinson is saying about you.

Get over it. Put on your fighting armor and a big smile. Stop whining and start fighting.

Because Americans also respect a public figure who’s not afraid of a confrontation – especially when it’s about something important.

Elections really aren’t about issues. They’re about personalities.

And winning personalities win.

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One comment on “Buck Up, Brad

  1. Braxton says:

    Vernon may win one…

    CSPAN will sell pay per view 🙂

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