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The 2004 Presidential campaign brought politics Internet fundraising, 529s and “swift-boating.”

You ain’t seen nothing yet.

For a taste of what’s to come this time, go to YouTube and see the “Hillary 1984” ad.

It’s clever, creative and cutting. It goes right to the heart of Hillary’s weakness with younger, Blog Democrats. To them, she’s Microsoft. Obama is Apple.

The ad echoes the “Mac versus PC” ads Apple is running, featuring Steve Jobs and Bill Gates look-a-likes.

Obama’s campaign says it had nothing to do with the 1984 ad. The creator, for now, is unknown.

But it’s the second time an Obama supporter has put a hole in Hillary’s battleship – without Obama getting wet. First it was David Geffen’s criticism of Bill and Hill. Now it’s somebody with enough money and savvy to make an impressive attack ad.

The ad is running “only” on the Internet. But it’s been viewed over 600,000 times (as of this morning).

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