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The famous Boss Plunket of Tammany Hall, explaining his singular talent for getting the most out of politics (and what he called “honest graft”), told his biographer, ‘I just seen my opportunities and took ‘em.
At first glance Boss Plunkett, who was a colorful New York Irish politician, and DHHS Secretary Lanier Cansler, a buttoned down Raleigh lobbyist, don’t appear to have much in common. But consider this:
March, 2009: Secretary Cansler’s Department awards CSC Corporation a $265 million  state contract, and CSC announces Cary’s SAS Corporation will be joining its team to work for Cansler’s department.
The former lobbyist for both CSC and SAS: DHHS Secretary Lanier Cansler.
August, 2009: Cansler’s department awards Med Solutions of Nashville, Tennessee a no-bid contract to manage $230 million in Medicaid business;Med Solutions announces Dataflux – a SAS subsidiary – will help with the state work.
SAS current lobbyist – Secretary Lanier Cansler’s wife’s law firm.
August, 2009: Two years ago CCME Corporation paid Secretary Cansler’s lobbying firm $93,000. On August 27 of this year CCME re-hired Cansler-Fuquay Associates, Secretary Cansler’s old firm.
October 27, 2009: Two months later CCME receives $24 million in no-bid state contracts from Cansler’s department.
Boss Plunket would be proud.


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