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What on earth do you do when a eight-year-old lands on your doorstep?

I heard two spokesmen on the radio today with answers – the first told a story of a lone girl, one of the border children, who after being repeatedly raped by gangs in Honduras, trudged or rode on the tops of trains, clinging to boxcar roofs, 500 miles across Mexico to arrive in Texas hollow-cheeked with hunger.
The other spokesman explained half the border children hadn’t trudged across Mexico alone at all – they’d been carried by smugglers paid by families who were desperate to get their sons and daughters out of El Salvador, Honduras or Guatemala.
Of course, up in Congress, Republicans say Obama’s to blame for the whole mess.  He  threw open the door to the border children when he decided not to deport the “Dream Children.”
And the Democrats, of course, say Republicans are ogres with no hearts.
And, finally, President Obama wants Congress to give him $3.7 billion to deal with the crisis – which comes to $74,000 per child. 
So with all this passion and all these political agendas clouding the rhetorical air who can we believe?  And how do we figure out what we ought to do?
In a way the answer’s simple: If a weary, bedraggled eight-year-old turned up on your doorstep one night would you turn him away? 
No.  Lord willing, you’d lend him or her a helping hand.
Beyond that, since there are 50,000 children on our doorstep, there’s one other question to ask we have to answer: Are these children refugees or illegal immigrants?
Because if a child’s fleeing in terror – whether it’s from gang rapes or other sins – well, to put it bluntly: In America we help refugees.  We may not make them citizens.  But we don’t turn them away either.
And if these children are illegal immigrants? If they’re not fleeing from violence or abuse?
Well, then, like all runaway children, we return them to their parents.


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3 comments on “Border Children

  1. Anonymous says:

    Who here…liberal democrat or conservative republican…doesn’t want to help indigent and starving and homeless children? I mean, how many of us have given money to support these kinds of causes?

    We’re not talking about this kind of thing here. We’re talking about a MASSIVE infiltration into this country of people that want to take our country’s resources and use them to house them, feed them and make sure they’re “taken care of” for a very long time. Our country has veterans starving and without resources. We have a great many current citizen-minorities without food and housing and many other necessities. So, here we are wanting to take away from whatever money our country has to help our very own to help these new immigrants that are coming here saying they’re from South America and because Pres. Bush signed a law to take care of those kinds of children, we’re forced into doing it. Of course, we know these kids are coming here because the left/Obama & Co. are bringing them here…supporting them coming here. It gives the left a weapon that they use against the right saying that the right is against helping kids…”anti-children”. And, it is keeping the blind/uninformed democratic voters in the fold.

    I truly wonder if the media actually researched these kids and/or investigated this recent influx of kids coming here..what’s they’d find. We will never know because that just won’t happen. They’re too afraid they’ll be called racist.

    What a tragedy. I hate it for my fellow veterans that can’t get medical care because we have to fund illegal immigrants coming into our country. No one will argue that’s the truth…what they’ll do is just ignore that it’s the truth. Sad…sad, indeed.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The ”mainstream media” does enough tearjerking on this issue already. Why does a supposed conservative join in, focusing on 8 year olds, when in reality 80% of these ”children” are actually teenagers or at least claim to be. They have no proof of age, and more than a few are probably over 18 and even into their 20s, claiming to be younger to get in on the deal. Many also have no proof of where they are from, and many are likely Mexicans claiming to be from Central America just to get in on the scam.

    Since teenagers are quite active in Central American and Mexican gangs, including the extremely violent M-13, how many of these ”children” are actually gang members? They are not being screened for gang tatoos, and several who were caught putting gang symbols on walls at one of the processing centers admitted to being gang members and to have engaged in murder and torture back home, and yet are still going to be released into the interior of the US. One processing center has already become notorious for these criminal gangs using it to recruit other teenagers for their gang.

    The Mexican drug cartels are getting rich off of smuggling these ”children” and the Obama regime is aiding and abetting that human trafficking by allowing these illegal aliens to stay and by releasing them into the interior. How many of these ”children”funneled into the US by drug cartels will go straight to work for those cartels in drug trafficking?

    How do you give any credence to the bleeding heart nonsense, Carter?

  3. Anonymous says:

    For 2.5 million dollars they can all receive a first class air flight back to their home country. But stop. Don’t return them, welcome them with open arms, make them citizens, lower the voting age to 12 after all if you are old enough to make your way from El Salvadore to the USA, you are old enough to vote. Next year when we get another 90,000 do the same thing and for the next 20 years when we get another 4.5 million continue to do the same thing. In about 10 years we can look for a country for Capitalist Free Market Americans to flee to, because this welfare nation will be doomed. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for the children. We need to take in all the world’s poor and abused children. We all would be abusive not to allow their family to come join these children in America. Relatives are welcome as well. We can’t place them all in one location, so the current administration needs to look at the voter map and see where we need these future Democratic voters placed. There are many districts where a few thousand votes will make a big difference. I am all for keeping any children that make their way to the WALK ACROSS BORDERS OF AMERICA.

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