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After three days on a retreat at a spa near Washington, and after meeting with President Obama, House Democrats headed home ‘billing and cooing’ like reconciled brides because they’d built a ‘closer relationship’ with the President.
But in this case the path to reconciliation wasn’t romantic: It was money.
To sooth the Congressmen Obama promised to hold eight fundraisers, so, as he put it, ‘Nancy Pelosi will be Speaker again – pretty soon.’



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One comment on “Billing and Cooing

  1. dap916 says:

    Posted 02/11/13 at 5pm

    This is the Nancy Pelosi that said we “don’t have a spending problem”? This is the Nancy Pelosi that said “we have to pass the health care bill before we see what’s in it”? Lovely. This is the leader of the democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives folks.

    Yes, it’s a sure thing that when the dems met with Obama, it was all about how to remain in power…how to get the needed funds to thwart the efforts by the republicans that will be running against Senators in states where they’re vunerable. It was a strategy meeting. Make no mistake about it. It would never be presented as being that by the MSM, but, that’s what it was. They’re smart, folks. They’re crafty. They will do everything and anything necessary to keep the Senate from becoming majority republican in additon to formulating a strategy to take over the U.S. House. 2014 elections will be interesting. Watch and see if a record amount of money won’t be spent on that mid-term election.

    Republicans better be on their “A” game. It’s going to get ugly and fighting the media bias is going to be a tough nut to crack. God help us.

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