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The other day Governor Perdue climbed on a jet airliner and flew to New York and drove straight to billionaire Ron Perelman’s Manhattan office and held a campaign fundraiser. 
Now why is a Wall Street tycoon raising money in Manhattan for the Governor?  Well, the News and Observer points out Mr. Perelman sits on the Board of Scientific Games, the lottery vender that tried to get Jim Black to appoint one of its consultants to the board that grants State Lottery contracts.
In fact, they almost pulled it off:  Black did appoint Kevin Geddings (who hid his ties to Scientific Games) which would have given Scientific Games the inside track on contracts – until the News and Observer blew the whistle and the cabal unraveled.
Now the Governor is raising money from these same folks, saying, Well, they aren’t after any North Carolina contracts right now.
The Governor appoints five of the nine lottery commissioners and she’s sent Republicans a clear message with her latest fundraiser:  Pay to play politics is alive and well in North Carolina.
Republican legislators ought to send her a message back: By banning ‘gaming’ corporations whose directors contribute to North Carolina politicians (like candidates for governor) from bidding on state lottery contracts.


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One comment on “Bev’s Second Message

  1. dap916 says:

    I wonder if this will ever come out in any news media in North Carolina. Sad when stuff like this goes on and only a very small number of people know about it.

    I love your remedy…..hopefully our new majority will be able to accomplish it…or should I say will have the NADS to accomplish it? The only thing I can see to stop them from your suggested ban is that they’d worry that some of their own “pay to play” activities might also be stopped by using the same strategy.

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