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A wise old Democrat told me recently that Bev Perdue’s biggest problem is: “She’s broken too many promises.”
The recession and the budget crater are mostly to blame. She’s had to disappoint her friends in education, health care, aging services and mental health.
But her promise to run an ethical administration doesn’t cost any money.
So she can’t be happy with Sunday’s front-page N&O headline: “Perdue falls short on ethics vow.”
I believe she is getting a raw deal on the campaign-finance issues that Tom Fetzer is trumpeting. She’s been open, aggressive and forthcoming there.
But that approach hasn’t carried over to appointees in her administration. Which is understandable. They are, by definition, supporters and contributors.
But she set herself up by making a sweeping promise – one that she found hard to keep.


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6 comments on “Bev's Bad Break

  1. -1 says:

    I like to thank the N@O for being the only newspaper in NC.
    Wish that had a outlet here!

  2. -1 says:

    I dunno, I think she got a pretty good break by getting elected. It was a bad break for the Democrats that we couldn’t come up with a better candidate. Her commission appointments are rancid, and were already smelling pretty rank when she made that commitment about ethics — and then promptly reappointed some of her good old boy good old buddies.

  3. -1 says:

    What’s so hard about firing appointments who turn out to be crooks and bums? That’s low-hanging fruit for her. I can’t imagine why she doesn’t swing that axe.

  4. buckhaven39 says:

    When a politican appoints a crook or a bum it tells alot about that politician. Vote the crooks and bums out, also the politicans that have appointed them .

  5. -1 says:

    Career politicians breed corruption and lies. Vote them out or they and their cronies either die in or retire from public office.

    Option one….you win
    Option two….they win

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