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There aren’t too many surprises in the contribution reports from Bev Perdue and Pat McCrory.

McCrory’s money is largely coming from Charlotte and the usual Republican suspects.

Perdue’s money is largely coming from the East and the usual Democratic suspects.

McCrory has Duke Energy, NASCAR and the Downtown Charlotte bank and brokerage boys.

Perdue has educators (yes, they have money, especially professors) and, as the N&O reported, health care professionals (doctors, surgeons and mental health people).

Since much campaign money is given either as a thank-you for services rendered or a down payment on services to be delivered, not much of that is surprising.

But there is one mystery in Perdue’s report: She got a lot of money from automobile dealers – the “badgers” in the television ad.

I’m curious what she has done to make them so grateful – or what they expect her to do.

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