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Politico did the obligatory piece on Governor Perdue and Irene (quoting Brad Crone and me) and reminding us that politics is never far from a storm.
“The storm packs a potentially pivotal political moment,” for Perdue, it said. And had this:

“She shines in a battle, and this is going to be a battle. Her mother’s name was Irene, so she’s saying she’s taking this personally,” said an aide to the governor who agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity to candidly discuss the politics surrounding the storm.

I’m reminded of my days with Governor Hunt – and especially one publicity-seeking emergency official (who shall remain nameless) of whom we joked: “The most dangerous place to be in a storm is between him and a TV camera.”
Here’s my question for Governor Perdue: What’s with her pronunciation of the word hurricane? She says, “hurra-kin.” I thought it was “hurra-CANE.”


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3 comments on “Bev and Irene

  1. Carbine says:

    That’s just one of our governor’s off-putting quirks. You just notice it more now because she’s been in the spotlight for a long time and things like that are beginning to wear on everyone. The frozen face, the slow, emotionless speaking cadence with the downward inflection towords the end of every sentence, the odd diction. The more she’s seen live on TV, the less people like her. Her people don’t seem to get that. Remember her trying to wield that huge VETO stamp in front of the camaras? It made her look awkward and weak, like someone who wasn’t up to the job.

    In a crisis, people want to see a leader stride forward, energetic, confident, and clearly IN CHARGE. Bev didn’t do that. Her appearances were cold, almost perfunctory. She missed a big chance to forge an image as the kind of take-charge crisis manager that inspires confidence in people.

    Just one more brick in the growing wall between her and re-election.

  2. Chris says:

    Another rather annoying quirk is her tendency to talk to people like they’re kindergarteners. I saw her on TV saying “We know that this is a big, bad storm” — I was expecting her next words to be “and we don’t want it huffing and puffing to blow our houses down.”

  3. Carbine says:

    I know! Wasn’t that ridiculous? That might work with the 3-7 year old demographic, but those folk can’t vote, even with Democrats in charge.

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