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It didn’t take Republican legislative leaders long to learn the high-handed ways that they used to complain about when Marc Basnight and Tony Rand were running the Senate. Witness Senator Berger’s threat to wreak vengeance on six cities that appealed the legislature’s curbs on involuntary annexations.
There’s just something about being in power, especially in the Senate, that is intoxicating – and intolerant of any challenge.
It reminds me of what one Republican said is the real reason the legislative powers want Pat McCrory as governor: “They can push him around, and they’ll run things.”


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2 comments on “Berger's Bullying

  1. dap916 says:

    A couple links on this subject:

    Forced annexation is just another way for government to get more tax money from those that achieve and give to those that don’t, of course. More and more, cities in NC are facing a reduced tax base because as people become more affluent, they leave the cities and migrate into the suburbs. And, the suburbs are normally not within the city limits but are in the “county”. Because of that, the cities are realizing a lot less tax revenue. This isn’t “racial”, as so many on the left wants to make it out to be…it’s just a normal movement as people progress in life.

    Most people understand that cities need adequate revenue to operate…to provide police and fire protection and various services such as lighting streets and normal upkeep of city infrastructure. But, the truth is that the annexations that have taken place have been put forward to boost more city government employment and beautification projects and other so-called “needs” when spending restrictions and good management could take care of those “needs” if done correctly.

    A friend of mine was “annexed” into the city and she didn’t realize anything except more taxes…actually, DOUBLE taxes. Oh..yeah, she did get her yard clippings picked up “free”…but, she still has to pay for every other service she got before her area got annexed just like before. She had sheriff services before so city police isn’t a big replacement. She was able to pay for someone to get up her yard trash. She has a well (didn’t need water) and a septic system (didn’t need waste management removal)…and that stood for all of her neighbors. So, for her doubling of taxes, she gets little pay-back….except for doubling of her taxes.

    Now, that’s nice for the city because now they have a bigger tax base to continue their “services”…which include many things for people that don’t pay for those things in the first place and allows the city to just continue to be inefficient and operating in a spendthrift mode.

    Forced annexation is not how to solve our inner-city ills. What will happen if this continues is that those that are involved in annexation will just find a way to move even further outside the limits that bring them into the double-tax system.

  2. Carbine says:

    How is it “bullying” to insist that municipalities follow the law? Would that you Democrats had paid a little more attention to the law when you all were in power, and perhaps insisted that those around you actually follow it?

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