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A Republican lobbyist friend has some advice for GOP legislators if they win the House and Senate this year: demand a recount.
“They’ll inherit the worst budget mess in history,” she says.
Two years spent wrestling with that mess – and making the cuts that would be required to read their lips: no new taxes – will doom Republicans to a return to the minority after the 2012 elections, she predicts.


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2 comments on “Be Careful What You Wish For

  1. dap916 says:

    So, there’s just absolutely NO WAY that the words “no new spending” would EVER come to pass?????

    My goodness….what in the heck is wrong with our country? We’ve got this mentality my oldest son had when he first got married in that there’s some kind of never-ending ability to get money through credit and there’s absolutely NO WAY there’s anything that can or should be stopped in the way of spending.

    Oh…will there be hard times ahead for some of the people in America to get this horrendous debt and economic problem under control? YOUBETCHA, as that nemesis of the left Sarah Palin would say. Time to tighten up that belt…time for families to come through and time for people to just STOP their frivilous ways. Time to get back to frugile/conservative thinking and way of life, y’all. I’m 22 year olds can’t have big houses like their folks or others that have made their sacrifices and I’m really sorry that everyone can’t have a cell phone that has every imaginable app and I’m sorry that there are those that have more than others have. It’s how it is…work hard, struggle, save, give up unnecessary things and accomplish your goals through dedication and earning it…NEXT ISSUE. My god, everyone….when did America change and not ask that of us???????

    Are there people that don’t have that opportunity because of color or because of other things beyond their control? Fer sher, of course, youbet…but those things need to be squared away one-on-one…not some massive government program that gives away tons of taxpayer bucks that are spent on people that AREN’T in those categories but just abuse the system. And you guys KNOW that’s just SOOOOOOOOOO rampant in our country.

    Get a clue, y’all…especially you, Gary.

  2. dap916 says:

    Wow, Gary….hard to get a word in edgewise with all the spam being put on your little front page here. Gotta be a way to stop that. I’m no IT guy, so haven’t got a clue but I’m betting it’s as troublesome for you and Carter as it is for we “regulars” here on TAP.

    I wonder if these folks actually realize any sales from their intrusion into our site …. well, YOUR site, I guess. I also wonder if it’s not some kind of “ploy” or something. Gotta a bunch of “crazies” out there, ya know….on BOTH sides of our respective aisles.

    Anyway, here’s wishing you guys luck in ridding us of this scourge. They’re really mindless trolls, in my opinion.

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