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Yesterday I wrote nice things about Governor-elect McCrory. But his entrance onto the Raleigh stage this week wasn’t a good one.
Look at it this way: McCrory has a strong brand in North Carolina right now. He just won big. He gets the benefit of the winner’s glow. He should milk that political capital.
Instead, he squandered it by announcing a transition that that can only hurt his brand.
Exhibit A: the media immediately focused on whether Art Pope & Co. will run McCrory’s administration.
Exhibit B: The only Democrat was Joe Mavretic, who is anathema to Democrats.
Exhibit C: Jim Gardner. Really?
Exhibit D: A striking lack of diversity.
Exhibit E: McCrory’s old boss from Duke (reportedly the top candidate for Commerce Secretary). Duke is the most unpopular company in Raleigh today.
Everybody on the stage yesterday has friends and enemies. Today their enemies are mad at McCrory. And many of their “friends” are jealous and afraid of losing out in the battle for jobs, power and access begins.
Remember: transitions are when you stop fighting your enemies and start fighting your friends.
McCrory kick-started the infighting yesterday, and it will only hurt him.


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3 comments on “Bad Start, Pat

  1. Carbine says:

    Who cares about any of that?

  2. dap916 says:

    Look, Gary….no one expected you to truly be positive about McCrory. Who here didn’t think your previous “nice things” weren’t B.S.? I mean, hey…let’s be honest here. You’re a democrat and get your livelihood from that ilk. There’s nothing good for yourself that you can achieve by being supportive of McCrory, or even “nice”..I mean, after all, he’s a republican. So……give us a break, my man.

    If we had a republican govenorship for most of the past 100 years, do you think for one moment that if a democrat won as governor that he’d just be all accepting on keeping republicans? This post is so ludicrous and disengenuous, it’s pathetic.

    Sad…and I mean S.A.D.

    And, what proof do you have about Art Pope & Co. being in control of McCrory’s administration? Nice rhetoric…keeps your base in the fold…but, stupid remark.

    As far as diversity…what are you wanting, really? If McCrory got some republican/conservative blacks or hispanics, you’d only trash them for being disengenuous and going against “their people” and so forth. Who doesn’t see this? What a joke. You’re what’s wrong with our political process in this country. Race should not be a reason for supporting someone. Democrats MAKE it a reason…republicans ignore the color. Argue it all you want by figures…but, those same figures prove out my point.

    I hope you enjoy the money you gain from your “political position”, Gary. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the like do also. You’re no different. Sad…and, the REALLY sad part is that it hurts our country and it will affect our children and grandchildren.

  3. dap916 says:

    Tell me about it, Carbine. I mean, I doubt very seriously if McCrory cares one iota what Gary Pearce thinks about how he is handling his transition efforts.

    He needs to post stuff like that on a more progressive/liberal-friendly venue. Most folks here know Gary is playing the “yeah, but” game….where he said something nice about McCrory (which probably made him throw up) followed the next day by trashing him for something he’s doing.

    To answer your question, Carbine….I doubt anyone that matters actually cares about any of that.

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