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I keep thinking sooner or later it will turn out there’s nothing to one of these scandals involving Mike Easley – but he’s back in hot water.
According to the News and Observer here’s the prelude to Easley getting a $137,000 discount on a beach front lot: Easley’s aide Ruffin Poole 1) calls a top state environmental official to get government permits for developer Gary Allen’s project; 2) the government starts granting Allen permits left and right; 3) a week later Easley plunks down $5,000 for a deposit on a beachfront lot; 4) six months later Easley closes on the lot and Allen gives him the discount – which Easley forgets to report to the Ethics Commission.
But at least, at last, Governor Easley’s done something logical – he’s hired Joe Cheshire, the best criminal lawyer in North Carolina.



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One comment on “Back on the Front Page

  1. dap916 says:

    Easley will most definitely be “convicted” of something here. But, let’s all be honest. He won’t be found guilty of anything that will truly affect his party’s influence in our state. It will be just “business as usual” kinda stuff and at the end of the day, this Easley thing will only be something negative for Easley, not the democratic party in NC or the people associated with it. But, that’s ridiculous, of course. Easley wasn’t doing the things he’s accused of and will most certainly be convicted of alone. He had his cronies and those were/are some of the folks that lead our state politically. This is just the tip of the iceberg….but, alas, that isn’t gonna be brought out by anyone…ESPECIALLY our press. Ya gotta know there are those within our press and within our inner-workings in government that know a whole lot more than is being brought out with regard to Easley and his shady and illicit and illegal dealings. Whatcha think would happen if the REAL truth and the WHOLE truth came out? Yeah…you know, regardless of party affiliation.

    Take your lumps Easley and demos in NC. You’re lucky beyond imagination that the real truth will never surface.

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