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A year ago I didn’t know anything about food deserts and food insecurity. I’ve learned, thanks to my dedicated young friends at the Jamie Kirk Hahn Foundation and at the Interfaith Food Shuttle – and WRAL’s eye-opening special HungerFreeNC.
A big problem right here in Raleigh is that low-income families don’t have access to grocery stores and can’t get healthy foods, fresh fruits and vegetables.
Now there’s a ray of hope in Southeast Raleigh. And it comes from none other than the Prince of Darkness himself, Art Pope.
Pope’s Variety Wholesalers bought a shut-down Kroger property on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Southeast Raleigh. Pope says the space will have a Roses store and a separate grocery, something community leaders have wanted since the Kroger closed last year.
“It is a way to serve our community,” Pope said.
So here’s a tip of the TAP hat to Art.
Which leads to what may be a foolishly hopeful thought. Suppose Pope and some of the young (or not-so-young) activists on food issues were to sit down together. Maybe break bread downtown at Van Nolintha’s Bida Manda or at one of Ashley Christensen’s great restaurants. And talk about how they might somehow work together on this problem.
No doubt some of my progressive Democratic friends will have heart lock at the very thought. But I’m reminded of the Baptist minister who was a dedicated opponent of the state lottery. Then a member of his congregation won $1 million in the lottery and said he would give a tenth of his winnings to the church. A pious worshipper asked the minister if he would take the tainted money.
He replied, “Indeed I will. That money has done the work of the Devil long enough. It’s time it did the work of the Lord.”
Amen, brother.


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3 comments on “Art’s Grocery

  1. Anonymous says:

    Gary you won’t understand it but I am going to say it anyway. Art Pope has improved the lives of many poor people, many more than most all the Democrats you know. Through the capitalist system, Art put his low cost goods stores in small towns across the Carolinas going into towns too small to have a Walmart. Not only did he give some employment to those towns, he offered low cost goods in his stores. Sure what he sold would never go over in the preppy reigons of Raleigh, but where these poor live he gave them things they wanted and needed, at a price they could afford. All the governmend dependency programs put together could never give them what they got by working, earning a living and yes spending their own money to buy goods that made them happy. Thank God for the Art Popes of the world, he makes us all a little better.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The real winners are the media outlets around N.C., who have shown us once again they know who to blame for anything that happens. In todays N&O there is an article about how convoluted the teacher pay raise became. Sure the blame goes to the Republicans. Look at this for a moment. Teachers with between 5 years and 11 years service got a larger raise than new teachers or older teachers who have been there the longest. Well on the surface this sounds crazy. Lets look a little deeper, the N&O didn’t bother to. We were ranked near the bottom in teacher pay in the country. How do you solve the problem. Give the most teachers the biggest raise. Now you move your ranking up. Where are the most teachers, well would you guess between 5 and 11 years service. Never mind all this explination, it’s the Republicans fault and we the media will fix that problem.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Seems you, Gary, and Carter are trying your best to put “cross the aisle” posts here on TAP front page. It’s kind of hilarious, actually.

    In response to your post, Gary, this statement by you is ludicrous: A big problem right here in Raleigh is that low-income families don’t have access to grocery stores and can’t get healthy foo”ds, fresh fruits and vegetables”. The absolute majority of the poor in almost every in our state (especially Raleigh) receive food stamps that are accepted now at every kind of retail outlet you can imagine. I know, I know…the poor don’t have transportation. Uh, Huh…they sure can get to Moral Mondays and they sure can get to the polls when it’s important to get democrats out to vote and they sure can get to every kind of social entitlement office in their area. C’mon…the VAST majority of these people have access to nourishing and high quality food. They have to WANT to get to those things, Gary. Instead, I’m not so sure they don’t think the government should be bringing it to them.

    I’m glad you recognize that Pope is doing something that helps the “less fortunate” in our state. Of course, I’m sure eventually you’ll have a Front Page post on how Pope & Co. makes a ton of money doing it in an effort to negate ANY kind of good things people might think about this conservative republican.

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