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I received a response from Art Pope to my blog yesterday (“Rich and Ruthless”). He said: “Feel free to post this to your web site.” I am happy to reprint it in full below, and I thank Art for responding – and for reading:
It is a rough game, but it has not cost me millions.
In some ways I get your post Rich and Ruthless, which included the statement “Art Pope learned that lesson. For 20 years, he pumped millions into the John Locke Foundation. He got nowhere. Starting in 2010, he pumped millions into independent campaigns, and he started winning.”
But apparently even your normally clear vision gets blurred by the being exposed to others’ kool-aid.
The simple fact is that I have never, in my entire life, cumulatively, even including donations from my company, donated a total of a single million, much less millions plural, into independent campaigns or candidate campaigns. 
You will have to look to the NC Democratic Party candidates and donors, such as Erskine Bowles and John Edwards, to find someone in North Carolina who literally spent millions plural on campaigns.
And I have not contributed a dime or otherwise been involved at all in the NC Supreme Court primary, much less with the “blistering attack” on Justice Robin Hudson.
Yours truly,
Art Pope


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2 comments on “Art Pope Responds

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice to see Art Pope respond here. The lack of follow-up response by Gary Pearce kind of tells the whole story on what was said.

    Thank you, Mr. Pope. We do sometimes get stories that are put here from Gary Pearce that come from his skewed beliefs (that he gets from drinking the kool-aid like you said). It’s great to see some factual information in rebuttal.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Because of the business I am in I have had the pleasure of calling on Mr. Popes business. I have seen there a North Carolina company that has given hundreds of people jobs and a way to feed their famlies. I know wealth is relative, but I would not think the Popes had the kind of money to spend in politics that has been attributed to them. They are free market capitalist and that is what makes this state and this country a great place to live. We need more people like Art and his family.

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