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Gary is taking a break from blogging. Here’s a guest blog from Joe Stewart, Executive Director of the NC FreeEnterprise Foundation; a nonpartisan non-profit organization that conducts research on candidates, campaigns and voter attitudes in North Carolina.

Once the match up in the US Senate race was known on primary election night, a reporter asked me what I thought the key public policy issues were that Kay Hagan and Tom Tillis would battle over. 
I said with the volume of ads coming from both campaigns and outside sources, any number of issues will be raised – which will resonate with undecided voters (the key group for both Tillis and Hagan) is hard to predict.

Then this past week I read a news report that leading economists say the Chinese economy may surpass that of the United States as the largest in the world sometime in 2014, two years ahead of previous predictions.
If indeed that comes to pass during the 2014 campaign season, the impact on the collective political psyche of the American public may well cast a long shadow over every other issue.
Media attention given this will be extensive, and how we slipped from the top spot and what it means for our nation’s standing in the world will be hotly debated along partisan lines.

In North Carolina, US Senate candidates should anticipate voters will want answers on how this global shift impacts their ability to provide for their family, and what’s needed to assure the future economic well-being of their children and grandchildren.

After all, even when election year issues are international in nature, all politics tends to be local.


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One comment on “An Issue from the East

  1. Anonymous says:

    All politics is local, and it looks like the mainstream media is trying to make it all local. True China will over take USA as far as an economic power, wonder when all the books will quit being cooked so we can see what the employment picture really looks like. Is there some place one can go and get the real employment picture backing out all the do nothing government jobs that have been created to cook the books. Keyansain economics really never works in any country and by any group of economist. This bunch in Washington is smarter than any in the past, but I wonder if they can pull off changing the world. My bet is they have to lie to make it work.

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