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Last year (after their big victory in the 2012 election) as soon as Republican State Senators and State Representatives got to Raleigh they went to work to cut spending and it was almost like a competition:

The House would announce it had cut a hundred million dollars.
And the Senate would top that and announce it had cut two hundred million.
It went on like that for months until, in the end, they’d cut more than any legislature anyone could remember but, of course, all that cutting came with a price: After they got home Republican Senators and Representatives got hammered for not giving teachers raises, for cutting the unemployment benefits, and for denying care to the poor, halt, sick and lame – Reverend William Barber even blamed them for hurting little children.
For awhile none of that seemed to faze legislators but a year’s a long time to listen to people saying you’ve hurt little children and the other day when I received the House Caucus newsletter (about the House’s new budget) the wind had changed. The legislator who’d sent the newsletter explained how he’d just voted to:
  • Raise teachers’ salaries;
  • Raise all other state employees’ salaries;
  • Give veterans in-state college tuition rates;
  • Increase Pre-K funding;
  • Hire more people to provide child welfare;
  • Hire more bureaucrats to battle coal ash;
  • Give $3 million to the Biotechnology Center;
  • Give $190 million for the Information Technology Fund;
  • And put more money for the highway fund.
The only cut he mentioned was a cut in ferry tolls.
I reckon if anyone doubts the efficiency of attacking a state legislator – they ought to read the list.


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2 comments on “A Year Later…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Okay, double checking to make sure I’m responding to the right person here 🙂

    Carter, government runs on money…tax money. That’s their source of revenue. And, some of the things that this money is used for is included in that list you’ve put here that the legislator voted “for”. With all the millions of dollars that the new republican leadership in North Carolina saved, it’s great that they could also do the things you listed after all the savings they got done. I don’t fault this legislator for explaining he’s voted for these things. People want to hear what legislators have done and often, those things are done using taxpayer money.

    I do see your point that there was not much said in his newsletter about the savings. Voters today want to see what their tax dollars are paying for….and often times they couldn’t care less what the legislators did to save money. Sure, it’s political to present that kind of list, but it’s also important to note that those things were done WITH millions of savings accomplished.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The nerve of Republicans to make cuts to taxes. They should have promised the moon and doubled taxes, after all the moon aint cheap. The problem I have is a candidate running saying he will do something, then he gets elected and does it. Don’t they know better.

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