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The news that American troops killed terrorist leader al-Zarqawi in Iraq should be a wake-up call to those Democrats who are busy measuring new drapes for the Speaker’s Office in Washington.

The lesson:

  • Note that Bush went on national TV at 7:30 (the real prime time) to take credit.

  • Remember that events happen fast. And they’re beyond your control.

  • Next time – like, say, October – it could be Osama.

  • Bush, Rove & Co. know that this issue can go from being their biggest problem to their biggest opportunity overnight.

  • The American people aren’t ready to “cut and run.” They never are.

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2 comments on “A Warning Blast for Democrats

  1. Braxton says:

    This war isn’t about goverment vs goverment. It is about one manifest destiny over another.

    All of the rules are different.

    You have to fight, you have to win.

  2. jstegall says:

    Bush went on TV to “take credit?”

    My God, Gary, what planet are you living on? Bush didn’t take credit, he GAVE credit!

    Get your sick head out of the fog bank of hatred you’ve buried it in and join the real world.

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