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At this point, North Carolina Democrats are reduced to asking: How bad will it be?
Will Republicans have only a slim margin in the state House and Senate – an invitation for coalition mischief? Or will they win upwards of 25 Senate seats and 65 House seats?
Will Marc Basnight land on his feet? Can Governor Perdue handle a hostile legislature – with a Republican U.S. Attorney on her trail?
For all the predictable pontificating from the usual suspects, it’s not really anything the Democrats did or didn’t do. They just happened to have the helm when the ship of state plunged into the worst economic storm of our lifetimes.
And there’s no need for despair. Republicans now will inherit some of the blame, especially since they may end up controlling what is apparently the most unpopular institution in America: the legislative branch of government.
But the next few months are not going to fun for Democrats.


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2 comments on “A Thumpin'

  1. dap916 says:

    “They just happened to have the helm when the ship of state plunged into the worst economic storm of our lifetimes.”

    OMG…Gary. I just KNOW you didn’t go there. What in the world is THAT all about????? I mean, if everything was just rosey…good unemployment/economic situation….great budget numbers….lots of progess in home ownership and fabulous business environment…you’d be doing what? Saying “oh, well, that just happened because the democrats had the helm during that time”??????

    C’mon, man. Just how stoooopid do you really think the populace here in NC is? What a disappointing post.

    Democrats have been in control of NC for eons. Now, somehow this is just “democrats being in control during a bad time and that’s just some kind of “unfortunate” thing and it’s not their fault.

    God, Gary. You’re better than that, man.

  2. Carbine says:

    No, he’s not dap. Sad but true.

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