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In the 2006 election voters gave Republicans the boot.
In 2010 they turned around and gave Democrats the boot.
Now, according to a new poll, 60% of voters would vote to remove all the politicians in Congress. Democrats and Republicans.
A sign of sanity?


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One comment on “A Sign?

  1. Choo says:

    I think there are unanswered questions behind these kind of polls. I think a majority of the voters hate both parties, but for different reasons. The Democrats are stuck in the rut of Spend, borrow, create new entitlements that we can’t afford. The voters don’t like this irresponsible spending of tax payers money. Now the Republicans. The voters for the most part don’t like this party either. However the reasons are very different. Republicans were put into office to slow the spending, slow the borrowing, and slow the growth of government, and the Republicans are caving. Just a poll on who likes congress almost tells nothing.

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