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It was a very serious man who stepped up to the podium in front of the Capitol to give his Inaugural Speech but what he said wasn’t nearly as earthshaking in the reeling world of Republican Congressmen as what he’d already done.
Barack Obama raised $1 billion in his reelection campaign and built the mightiest political machine ever seen between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans – and what he’d already done was announce that campaign wasn’t about to go away. That, instead, he’d just changed the name on the door of his headquarters from the Obama for America to Organizing for Action and launched a new nonprofit that is arming to fight tooth and nail to pass his agenda in the House.
What that means if you’re a Republican Congressman is as plain as the nose on your face: The one thing standing in Obama’s way is the thin, sixteen-vote Republican House majority and he’s just given the most powerful political juggernaut in the land a new target for the next election: To give sixteen House Republican Congressmen the boot.
There were limits on how much one person could give to Obama’s campaign. But there are no limits on how much they can give to his new nonprofit. His supporters can give as much as they want and they can give corporate donations – so next election he may raise more than a billion dollars. But let’s hedge and say, conservatively, half of Obama’s four million donors say, Sure we don’t like those House Republicans either. Then Obama could spend $500 million, target fifty Republican Congressmen, and spend $10 million to defeat each of them.
For a Republican Congressman that’s earthshaking news.


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One comment on “A Serious Man

  1. dap916 says:

    The Obama team is pure genius. Republicans won big when Citizen’s United was sactified by the SCOTUS. It gave we republicans almost an unlimited amount of money to direct to our campaigns. But now? We’re suddenly pissed off because Obama & Team has come up with a legal non-profit thingy that can raise whatever it wants to thwart we republicans and our enormous ability to build a political warchest? C’mon. The dems are brilliant…they’re “progressive” (for lack of a better term) and they’ve developed an avenue to level the playing field. I hate them, but admire them at the same time.

    So, what’s next? How do we repubs come up with more money for political involvement than the dems now? Hmmmm….Ain’t America interesting? Gotta love the maneuvering we see at the highest levels, huh?

    And, just exactly how much money does it take to elect our federal officials anyway? Personally…let’s give each candidate the exact same amount of money and let them be innovative and creative on how they use it. Those Billions that are spent on national political elections could most certainly be better used in other and better things….think?

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