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Rob Christensen’s column about Tom Bradshaw accurately captures one of the most remarkable people I’ve met through 44 years in newspapers and politics.
My first encounter with Bradshaw was much like Christensen’s. Tom was the “boy mayor” of Raleigh, and I was a cub reporter at The N&O. City government was my beat, just as it was Rob’s later; that’s where new reporters started. I was assigned to write a Tar Heel of the Week profile on Tom. And I first experienced the hurricane of energy, intensity and enthusiasm that Tom still brings to life and work.
Bradshaw is like a hero out of a Horatio Alger story: an underprivileged kid who worked his way to the top in business, government and civic life – yet never forgot where he came from and how other people deserved the same opportunities to succeed.
Rob’s portrait of Tom is spot-on. He also asks the question Tom gets every day: Why do this at this point in your life?
Good question, and Tom has a good answer. Read Rob’s column and go to Tom’s website to learn more – and to help him.


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One comment on “A Raleigh Boy’s Story

  1. Anonymous says:

    I created a response to this, Gary, but decided since it wouldn’t be shown here for many, many days or even a week or more…it wasn’t worth the effort.

    I’ll still post remarks to your “stuff” here on the Front Page (and Carter’s too), but only when I get so worked up about what’s said I think it’s important you, personally, read it.

    Any political blog site worth a darn posts responses to diaries and Front Page posts in a timely manner. It’s too obvious that you don’t want the negative responses that are posted here about your posts to come here in a timely manner lest some of your radical liberal/progressive “TAPster” (as you call them) see them and wonder just how much your input means to we REAL “TAPsters” that participate here.

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