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Some sharp-eyed TAPsters were struck by this photo of Governor McCrory signing the state budget today.
One noted, “Legislators are usually jockeying to get in a bill-signing photo.”
Not today. Apparently, only two legislators were on hand: Sen. Neal Hunt, who is not running again, and Rep. Nelson Dollar, who represents a heavily gerrymandered district. No Speaker Tillis, no Senator Berger.
One TAPster said that every other person in the picture works for the Governor, including Art Pope.
You are invited to offer your own interpretation.


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One comment on “A Picture Worth a Thousand Words?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Oh my goodness. Now it’s important that a big contingent of people be present whenever a bill is signed by a political leader. How important is it, Gary, that people like Kay Hagan have pictures of her in her campaign ads with President Obama? How important is it that budget bills signed into law by Obama have a huge contingent of people standing around him be shown?

    Nice rhetoric and spin…but, as usual, your presentation means squat. It gives your fellow radical/liberal/progressive so-called “TAPsters” (whoever the heck they are) a nice little tingling feeling go up their leg when you post this idiocy, but really? Come on, Mr. Pearce. This means squat and you know it. “Silly” doesn’t even come close to describe this post.


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