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A group of politicians called Justice for All North Carolinians have had an ad on TV slamming liberal Judge Robin Hudson for ‘siding with child molesters’ in a Supreme Court decision.  
Now if that sounds like a little political fact twisting – it is.
Here’s what happened: The state legislature passed new laws on child molesters, including new punishments like wearing electronic monitors – which was without a doubt a good idea.
Next there was a lawsuit – that landed in the Supreme Court – over whether to apply those new laws retroactively to varmints (child molesters) who’d been convicted before the laws passed.
Of course, it’s an old and cherished democratic principle politicians (and legislatures) ought not to have the power to pass a law one day then prosecute people who broke it the day before – it’d be like giving politicians the power to say, Sure, it was legal when you did it but it’s a crime now.
But in the hands of a group of politicos out to win a Supreme Court election standing up for an abstract democratic principle (which is what Hudson was doing) didn’t mean squat – in fact, it morphed into ‘Robin Hudson sides with child molesters.’
Judge Hudson’s not my cup of tea. But, now, there’s another abstract principle at play in her election that has to be weighed alongside her ideology: What is the consequence if Robin Hudson loses because a Super PAC told voters a lie?
And the answer is: More lies.
So here’s a perplexing dilemma: Which matters most? Defeating Robin Hudson and encouraging more lyin’ in politics?
Or electing a liberal Judge and demonstrating lying backfires?



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5 comments on “A Perplexing Dilemma

  1. Anonymous says:

    So, those are the only two choices? C’mon, Carter. There are a number of choices here. I think you know that but since you’ve managed to be “published” on an Internet site, maybe that’s all you were looking for in the first place. When did we as a country stop just doing the right thing? THAT is what should be done here. Forget about politics and do what’s best for the vast majority of we citizens.

    I know I will have to wait for days…maybe many days…for my response to come out here on the Front Page (as usual) but it’s amazing that you and Gary are able to get a message posted immediately and also have the capability to post a link that can be accessed by just clicking on it…when we minions can’t do that here.

    It’s a weakness in this site, but maybe that’s by design.

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