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This time Mitt Romney has gone too far.
He has sunk to the lowest, basest political attack ever seen in our country. His latest negative assault on President Obama goes beyond anything the birthers, the haters and the Jeremiah Wright-baiters ever thought of.
Romney attacked the President for playing golf.
Romney’s campaign went so far as to calculate exactly how many holes Obama has played since taking the oath of office: 1,710.
Isn’t it time for America’s golfers to stand up to this kind of politics – and defend the value of a President playing golf?
Romney doesn’t play golf. Here are two Presidents who didn’t play: Herbert Hoover and Jimmy Carter.
Dwight Eisenhower played lots of golf. Democrats criticized him for a “36-hole work week.” And Ike gave us eight years of peace and prosperity. Maybe there’s a connection.
Maybe golf’s gifts are just what a President needs.
Like a few hours spent relaxing with friends, enjoying nature and escaping jangling phones, carping politicians and nerve-wracking crises.
Like a game that reminds you of the folly of human striving, the inevitability of life’s unpredictable breaks and bounces, and respect for the rules and courtesies.
President Obama gets that. Mitt Romney doesn’t. Case closed.


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One comment on “A Low Blow

  1. Chris says:

    Nothing substantive to blog on, huh?

    I recognize that golfers find some sort of zen-like meaning in the game. But, we non-golfers think it’s a gigantic waste of time, land and television air. If Obama wants to commune with nature, he should take up his predecessor’s interest in mountain biking.

    Any game that an overweight 80-year-old with a knee replacement can play is no sport at all. He may as well be sitting in the White House kitchen playing Monopoly with his kids. Or, perhaps Clue, since he’s evidently in need of one.

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