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I received the angry missive below from a lobbyist – who wishes to remain nameless, for obvious reasons – in response to reports that Republican State Rep. Justin Burr used campaign funds to buy suits and jackets from Brooks Brothers in Raleigh. 
“Lobbyists are a timid bunch. 
“They never squawk when they’re treated like crap for fear their squawking will endanger their relationships with elected leaders.  
“North Carolina lobbyists have griped privately for years –and done nothing about it — when legislators used campaign contributions to buy cars, clothes, meals, trips and anything else as long as the expense was loosely linked to campaigning. Hell, until a few years ago, legislators could move unneeded campaign cash to their personal bank account and it was ok as long as they paid the IRS.  
“But, this money was contributed so the candidate can buy signs, advertising and pay people to drive voters to the polls. It is sickening when a contributor sees their hard-earned tiny contribution used to enhance the lifestyle of a clueless legislator. 
“It’s time to end this mess, which was in the news again this week. Individual legislators have shown they don’t have the good sense to use their campaign funds only for campaign purposes. So, lobbyists should quit griping and only give contributions to candidates who pledge to use the money for campaign purposes and not to pimp their ride, stuff their face or clothe their bods.  
“Perhaps even Bob Hall and his liberal, goody-two-shoes ilk could join hands with the lobbyists he so detests and advocate for meaningful change to state law to save the idiot legislators from themselves.  
”Regardless, it’s time for lobbyists and the public to squawk louder about this crappy practice.”


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2 comments on “A Lobbyist's Rant

  1. Carbine says:

    Ha! I love that idea, and I think someone ought to talk to Rep. Burr about sponsoring such a bill. It would go a long way towards putting him squarely back on track as one of the good guys with a future in state politics. And while he’s at it, he could sponsor a fix to the bail bond “liar’s loophole” that ‘magically’ appeared in a bill this past session.

    Folks are watching, Justin.

  2. davidmorgan says:

    Added to that $857.42 Brooks Brothers Suit, what might be considered unethical, if not illegal, expenditure
    is $390.39 for office lamps and rugs from Lowe’s in Raleigh, $356.91 for 1/2 of washer/dryer for Raleigh apartment from Rep. David Guice, $400.00 for picture
    frames from History Museum Shop in Raleigh, $1,779.78 for office furniture from D.A.K’s. in Carthage and $3,202.50 to himself for Raleigh rent.

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