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The other day I was feeling a little down and blue about Republicans’ foibles then thanks to Democratic Chairman Randy Vollmer the sun broke through the clouds.

Awhile back, the Democratic Party had to replace its Executive Director after he was accused of sexual harassment. Last week, Chairman Randy Vollmer fired the replacement and offered the job to a gentleman who’s been accused of sexual harassment not once but twice.
Mr. Vollmer’s choice, Ben Chavis, settled the first sexual harassment case while serving as Executive Director of the NAACP; he settled a second case, later, while serving as a Nation of Islam minister at a New York mosque.
Of course, the more astute Democrats saw right off Vollmer was on the wrong track – but they were rebuffed by a broadside claiming they were ‘disrespecting’ Ben Chavis’ Civil Rights legacy – which usually trumps anything in Democratic Party politics. But not this time. Wiser heads scuttled Vollmer’s choice and, in the end, all the Chairman accomplished was proving an old bit of political folk wisdom:  No matter how many mistakes Republicans make, if we just have a little patience, the Democrats will screw up worse.


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One comment on “A Little Patience

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, actually it’s Randy Voller, not Vollmer 🙂 :

    That situation with Ben Chavis being considered as Executive Director of the North Carolina Democratic Party has nearly torn the democratic party in North Carolina apart. Voller made a humongous mistake even suggesting he was actually looking at him as Executive Director. This guy has so many negatives, if he would have actually gotten that job, it would have been a God-send for republicans in our state.

    Even being black would not have taken away the negative baggage he would have brought with him. Sexual misconduct complaints against him. Involvement with the Nation of Islam. A lot of hate-speech quotes. It would have been a field day for republicans and it would have torn apart the democratic party in NC for many moons to come. Sometimes even being black won’t counter someone’s negatives as a person and as a leader among liberals or progressives.

    I’m a republican. When I saw that Voller was considering Chavis, I crossed my fingers he would choose him. The democrats are already extremely weak in our state. That would have been the icing on the cake in my opinion.

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