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It’s an old American saga: The President has a program he’s in love with but can’t muster the votes in Congress to fund it. So he doesn’t get his program.

That’s the way it’s been for over two centuries.
So why, now, isn’t the story coming out of Washington simply, “The President fails to win the votes he needs to fund Obamacare?” After all, when it comes to passing the budget, what’s unusual about Congress saying to the President what Congresses have said to every President, We’ll fund part of what you want – but not all.
Of course, no one expected President Obama to take being told ‘No’ lying down – and he didn’t. Stamping his foot he shot back, I want it all. I won’t take less, and he hit the road telling anyone who listen that the vile wicked nasty Republicans were about to shut down the whole federal government. The more he talked the madder he got. The Republicans were like children he said, adding,  Just because you don’t get your way you don’t have to threaten to blow the whole thing up.
But, in fairness, if the whole thing does blow up, who’s to blame? Congress which voted to give the President trillions to spend? Or the President who insisted, That’s not enough. I want more.


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One comment on “A History Lesson

  1. Choo says:

    The main stream media already have their stories written. That mean nasty Republican house shut down the government. No word of well they voted to fund 99% of the government, just not OBAMA CARE. The problem lies with so many low information voters. They believe what they hear on the Six oclock news. The nation of Israel could be destroyed by nukes tomorrow, and if ABC, NBC , CBS, and MSNBC or CNN didn’t report it, they would never know.

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