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President Obama’s in full campaign mode with his eyes fixed on taking control of the House of Representatives next election. He’s put his campaign to work targeting Republican Congressmen and he’s telling voters because of the Sequester 7,450 children in Florida won’t receive vaccinations, 800 victims of domestic violence in North Carolina won’t receive care, and 1,200 teachers in California will lose their jobs.
Now the Washington Republicans could argue Obama’s wrong – the cuts aren’t that bad. Or that the tax increases Obama wants will do more harm to the economy than the cuts.
But they’re not doing either. Instead they’re agreeing with Obama that the cuts are terrible – then they add that the terrible cuts are all Obama’s fault – that it’s the Obamaquester.
Obama’s answer to that is to say – reasonably – that he hopes Republicans will help him avoid children losing vaccinations by passing a few tax increases on the rich and Republicans say, again, the terrible cuts are all Obama’s fault.
It’s a dead end.
I don’t understand why the Republicans don’t make a list of $85 billion in wasteful spending – like the government’s free cell phone giveaways – and put it in front of Obama and say, If you want to spare unvaccinated children in Florida – let’s cut this program.
That sure sounds better than Republicans saying, Sure the Sequester is terrible but we won’t raise taxes to stop it because it’s all your fault.


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2 comments on “A Dead End

  1. clarence swinney says:

    The anti-spending crowd use numbers like $46.5Trillion in spending 2013 to 2022.
    Scary stuff. That spending is 23.1 of gdp which averaged 21.2% since 1980. In that perspective it is not so scary.
    Were Congress to accept the president’s offer the spend would drop from 23.1% to 21.7%
    The debt-ceiling that is an immediate problem is public debt or 11.6T not 16.4T. That is the part that affects interest rates and the economy. Pay no attention to scare-mongers. We need jobs. Decent paying jobs to build our economy.

  2. Carbine says:

    Because the Senate and the press would ignore it. It would change nothing. The media only writes one story about the House (obstruction) regardless of what the House has done or is doing.

    Let the sequester happen; it’s the only way we’ll ever get ANY spending cuts from the bum in the Oval Office.

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