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Clerk of Court races generally don’t generate a lot of sound and fury but the other day in Raleigh Republican Jan Pueschel sent out an email about her opponent – Democrat Lorrin Freeman (the incumbent) – that set sparks flying.
Almost everyone knows the story of Demario Atwater, who murdered UNC student Eve Carson two years ago. Well, it turns out, two days before Demario killed Carson he appeared in Wake County Court for a hearing – only the hearing went awry right at the start.  Because Ms. Freeman’s office lost Demario’s file. Next, to make matters worse, instead of simply printing a duplicate file the clerk on duty dropped the ball a second time.  No file.  No hearing.  So Demario Atwater walked out of the courtroom – then two days later killed Eve Carson.



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One comment on “A Bad File to Lose

  1. WhalerCane says:

    Wow Carter,

    Another in a long line of shameful, dishonest, and misleading attacks.

    Here are the facts. Nothing that happend that day would have prevented Demario Atwater from walking out of Court. Mr. Atwarter was there merely to be told about his rights to an attorney, and nothing that Clerk or anyone in Lorrin Freeman’s office did would have kept him in jail and from committing that crime.

    It is disgusting for Jan Pueschel and you here to suggest so and it is pathetic and sad to try to take political advantage of such a tragic event.

    No one should be surpised though because that is typical how she and apparently you operate.

    The sparks that are flying are from outrage from those who recieved that e-mail at how wrong and low it is, including many of your Republican attorney friends.

    Most of them would also tell you what a horrible clerk Ms. Pueschel was and what a good job Lorrin Freeman has done. Go ahead. Ask around. Clerk of Court is about competence, not partisanship, and when it came to doing that job, Jan failed misserably, and most court observers would tell you Lorrin has been the best in 25 years.

    As far as the politics of it goes, it was not so smart frankly for her to e-mail this to the one group that knows what BS it is, and that is the Bar.

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