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Whoever wakes up May 9 as the Democratic nominee for governor will immediately face an insurmountable obstacle.
Pat McCrory is sitting on $3.1 million, John Franks reports in Dome. That’s precisely $3.1 million more than the Democratic nominee will have that day.
It will be impossible to make up the gap.
Now, in politics the candidate with the most money doesn’t always win. Maybe only nine times out of 10, I would guess.
We see again how Governor Perdue’s late decision not to run – and the candidates’ late start – put Democrats in a hole they may not be able to dig out of.


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2 comments on “A $3 Million Problem

  1. dap916 says:

    Trips MY trigger, Gary. But, as I said a few posts ago, a whole lot will depend on the “get-out-the-vote” efforts the dems are able to accomplish which depends a lot on the popularity of Obama on election day here in NC. If Obama is overwhelmingly popular, McCrory is going to have a difficult time…at least as I see it. Yeah, no doubt bucks will be a factor. It’s kinda like me reading that Obama has right at a billion smack-a-roos in his warchest so even though Romney will also be well-funded, money matters.

    This may very possibly be one of the most interesting elections in our country’s history…both nationally and within the states. Love being able to live in this time, gotta be honest.

  2. Carbine says:

    Obama rode a perfect storm on election day, 2008, to a razor-thin victory in North Carolina. There is no foreseable chain of events that could allow the Obama campaign to generate that much support here this time. He’s consistently polling under 50% in the state (a very bad sign for an incumbent) and has a three-plus year record of failure and economic malaise to drag like a millstone around the campaign trail. He will have to be very, very lucky to carry the state this time, and even if he does he will have no coattails whatsoever.

    McCrory begins this race with enormous advantages, and that’s not even taking the money into account. He’s far better known state-wide than either Crazy Bob or Wallpaper Wally (we can forget about Creepy Bill, he’s no longer a factor), he’s genuinely popular with a large base of voters, and the incumbent governor’s poor performance has seriously tainted the party brand for that office. He’s exactly what people in North Carolina will be looking for this cycle, a pro-business moderate with a track record of getting things done, and not a hint of scandal.

    Now toss that $3.1 million (it will actually be much more than that by May 9th) into the equation and do the math again. There’s no such thing in politics as a sure thing, but this comes pretty darn close.

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