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Governor Pat (Stupid Hat) McCrory’s admonition worked! No deaths or injuries were reported from Hurricane Arthur after he went on television urging North Carolinians along the coast: “Don’t put on your stupid hat.”
He even mimed putting on a stupid hat. And made air quotes around “stupid hat.” It got it on the CBS Evening News.
“Stupid hat” is definitely trending.
So a tip of the Stupid Hat to Pat!
Now, Governor, how about an encore? How about using it again this week with the legislature? Go on TV and tell them in no uncertain terms: “It’s time to finalize a budget, and it’s no time to put on your stupid hats. In fact, it’s time you take off the stupid hats you’ve been wearing the last couple of years.”
Help us, Governor. You’re our only hope.
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# dap916
Monday, July 07, 2014 4:08 PM
Oh boy....that "stupid hat" comment got a bunch of coverage, didn't it? you said, it obviously worked because this was an uneventful hurricane from a death and individual injury standpoint. Kudos, Pat. Great expression ! Hey, and even though it pissed off the radical left in our fair state (like Gary here), it gave us some national attention.

Super. I loved it. I've actually heard that "stupid hat" phrase high school...from a teacher. It got rave reviews back then too.

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