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A long time long ago in the far away Kingdom of Columbialand  two tribes battled over control of Congress for years then one of the tribes (the Republicans) split into two smaller tribes: The Pachyderms and the Tea Partiers.
The Tea Partiers turned out to be an unusual tribe. They had a creed and they also had no doubt at all the highest virtue of all was to fight ferociously for spending cuts.
When it came to spending cuts, the Pachyderm Chief agreed with the Tea Partiers. Or, at least, he said he did. But, in practice, the Chief had discerned an odd quirk of human nature: He’d figured out that while almost everyone (meaning all the voters in Columbialand) liked spending cuts, as soon as the Tea Partiers cut a specific program everything turned upside down. For instance, if the Tea Partiers cut farm subsidies farmers were outraged and adamantly said, No. He’d seen the same thing happen over and over; whenever the Tea Partiers tried to cut funding for parks, or schools, or widget makers – someone always got mad.
Once when the Tea Partiers tried to cut defense spending it made defense contractors so mad they’d told  the Chief they wouldn’t give him another dollar – which caused the Chief a huge conundrum. Because what he loved (with the same passion the Tea Partiers loved that creed of theirs) was winning elections.
So the way the Chief saw it what the Tea Partiers were doing was just plain lunacy and, finally, one December morning when he’d had enough he declared war. He opened fire with both barrels, telling everyone who’d listen the Tea Partiers were crooks who were raising money (from the Republican faithful) to line their own pockets then he made a deal with his sworn enemies, the Obamacrats, and passed a budget that increased spending.
For one moment, it looked like the Chief had won a huge victory. But then he got a rude awakening. He found out what he’d really done was start a Civil War. And, worse still, he was the one in hot water. Out in the hinterlands the average Republican didn’t think any more of his deal with the Obamacrats than the Tea Partiers did.
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# dap916
Monday, February 10, 2014 5:27 PM
The current "war" between the establishment GOP and the Teaparty kind of reminds me of the Hatfields and the McCoys. WOW...what a feud they had. That rivalry caused both families to have enormous problems. They lost so much because of it. Then, in 2003 (or so the story goes) some cousins got together and brought the families together.

We need some "cousins" to bring the establishment GOP and the Teaparty together REAL quick. If not, the democrats are going to walk all over us, Carter. You've been in politics for a very, very long time. You've been involved in so much strategy it would make most people's minds boggle. Who in the world could keep a Jesse Helms in power as a U.S. Senator in a HUGELY democratic state like North Carolina was back in the day? Carter Wrenn, that's who.

So, you of all people know what I'm talking about here. We're about to shoot ourselves in the foot with this ridiculous in-fighting in our party in North Carolina. We have just GOT to have a "come to Jesus" meeting between the two factions lest we lose our grip on the state.

I love to see the posts and front page diaries and prognostications from all of our illustrious political leaders and advisers all around our state taking sides in this "war". But, it does the party absolutely NO good. It is absolutely counter productive and at the end of the day, it is going to be our undoing unless we can come together. I know it will be difficult and I know there is a huge amount of ill will to overcome...but if we can't, we might very well have a very big problem come November.

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