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A TAPster who is a veteran of corporate America and the Raleigh political scene offers another take on Governor McCrory and the Charlotte Observer column:
“Gary's blog 'McCrory under siege' and the Observer story that prompted it are revealing, but the governor's thin skin and ego are not the weaknesses that doom the McCrory administration.

“Being a governor is about being a tough manager, a thoughtful strategist, a bully and a visionary. McCrory is none of these, which is a sad surprise to his disappointed friends around the state. He has no idea where his team is headed, and his floundering, undisciplined (yet well compensated) team certainly doesn't either.

“An example of this was the sidewalk exchange this week between Art Pope and Rev. William Barber with a gaggle of citizen and media witnesses. No boss in his right mind would encourage an atmosphere where a senior staffer would think freelance banter is ok, but it's ok on Team Pat. In most organizations, such a misdeed would lead to a firing.

“The Observer article painfully noted that Pat often doesn't always make sense
when he talks. If he can’t articulate his message to a newspaper reporter in a way that makes sense, he certainly can’t articulate a vision if he had one. He whines about negative media coverage, but that makes him looks like, well, a whiner.
“No organization can survive if the boss is a thin-skinned, egotistical whiner – and not much else.”
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# dap916
Thursday, December 05, 2013 5:21 PM
What's up with so many posts lately here from you Gary showing what someone else said (always a radical liberal/progressive, of course)? Can't come up with your own opinion and statements and diatribe anymore? I mean, people don't just automatically believe something in print just because you say that someone you make out to be intelligent and "seasoned" and having some better knowledge of something says it. I'm sure many folks within the low-information crowd fall for that little trickery (even believing that some so-called "TAPster" said it). But, in case you haven't noticed through all the years you've been in politics, most conservative republicans don't buy that little trick. They're simply smarter than that.
# Choo
Thursday, December 05, 2013 7:35 PM
I was about to write how desperate you sound, but it seems to be worse. Pat aint gonna fire Art. I can't even make sense of why he, if he were a better manager would fire Art. Could be Pat is taking management lessons from Obama. He managed the Obama Care roll out. That is the biggest joke. Even the handful of people who signed up, could find that their work to sign up was wasted, Obama forgot to assign doctors to these plans, or even contact doctors to see if they would agree to support these plans. Manager. Lets see, Pat doesn't fire Art, because he spoke to some paid protesters, Obama fires no one for the biggest Folly in the history of the nation. If the leader of my party was no more of a leader/manager than that I don't think I would talk about management. Try talking about his clothes. Sometimes his suit looks a little to tight. You know Desperate could be correct.

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