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Now, that’s positively Orwellian. And it’s the latest in a long string of eye-catching – and embarrassing – statements by Governor McCrory.
Two weeks ago, John Frank wrote in the N&O: “At least a dozen times in his first 10 months as governor, McCrory’s remarks have sparked controversies. McCrory is prone to misspeaking. He generalizes in a way that can insult key constituencies. And he mispronounces the names of even his closest aides.”
So now it’s a game to keep score on when the Governor, instead of “stepping on toes,” as he likes to say, is tripping over his own feet.
But wait, there’s more. McCrory also said, “If you survey most Democrats, they also agree with our laws and voter ID.”
That may have been true at one time. But no more. Democratic support is dropping as more and more Republicans tell the dirty little truth that McCrory won’t admit: There is no problem with voter fraud. This law is intended to keep Democrats from voting.
But we’re not done yet. McCrory also said controversy over the voter-suppression law is “much ado about nothing.”
“Nothing”?  Suppressing a citizen’s right to vote is “nothing”?
Three things here. One, the Governor’s staff needs to recognize that he’s prone to these stumbles when he’s doing national-media interviews. He gets careless, and he overreaches.
Two, these things can add up and do real damage to a politician’s image. You can develop a credibility gap like LBJ and Nixon. Or become a punch line like Sarah Palin.
Three, history’s judgment awaits. A thoughtful Governor might ask himself: Do I really want to be known as the Governor who tried to block African-Americans, young people, women and older people from voting?
Because he will be.
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# Choo
Monday, November 25, 2013 6:16 PM
That punch line Sarah Palin is being prooved right with every new day of obama care. Also trying to re-brand legislation with an incorrect name, like voter suppression, is like calling bank robery laws, poverty creation laws. It's a crime to vote illegally, and as long as it is a crime, prevention methods will continue to follow the criminal. We could just get rid of ID's for everything and win the race to the bottom.
# Reaganite
Tuesday, November 26, 2013 9:25 AM
Well, no, Gary, we do not have ''McCroryisms'' here. What we do have is your ''Blueprinting''.

The Blueprint plan got outted early in the year, a conspiracy by various leftwing groups to misrepresent, vilify, and smear Republican initiatives to ''eviscerate'' Republicans (that term comes directly from the Blueprint plan). They would use their media friends to push these distortions. What you are doing here is pure Blueprinting.

As to early voting, the Governor is quite correct and you are very wrong. The law keeps the same number of hours for early voting as it did previously. They are just organized differently so that the sites are open all day on the days of early voting instead of partial days. That actually makes it more convenient for voters. That is not taking away anybody's right to vote.

Given the background of the Blueprint smears, I would agree that the governor should be careful to speak more precisely, to avoid just the type of deliberate political distortion you are doing here.

Again, on Voter ID, that does not stop any LEGITIMATE voter from voting. It is used all over the world and it does not ''suppress'' anyone's vote. Well, I guess it may stop the Democrats from voting the cemeteries and ACORN fictitious voters, and that is probably what they are really miffed about. And it does stop out of state students, who are not legitimately North Carolinians, from crashing our elections. Bona fide North Carolina residents are required by our motor vehicle laws to have NC drivers licenses to drive in our state, and if an out of state student retains his license from another state, then he is clearly showing he has no intent to be an NC resident and he should not be voting here in the first place.

As to voter fraud, the Democrats on boards of elections have swept this under the rug for years. When the Durham BOE reported ACORN activity in 2010, the Democrat controlled State BOE refused to do anything about it. When Project True the Vote found hundreds of people in Wake County who had registered to vote and voted but had filed affidavits with the court system when called for jury duty that they were not citizens, the Democrat controlled Wake BOE refused to do anything about it. It is not that there is no voter fraud, but that Democrats have condoned and covered it up for years.

You might have wanted to run your argument by the late Jack Hawke, who was cheated out of election to Congress in 1972 by Democrat voter fraud in Durham County. He, for one, could you very clearly told you that voter fraud, by Democrats, doe exist and had existed in North Carolina.
# dap916
Tuesday, November 26, 2013 2:10 PM
Know what? I have not posted on the front page with the exception of one time for months now and it's just SO good to see Choo and Reaganite slamming what our resident radical leftwinger (Gary Pearce) puts here. You guys have made so many good points in your responses on this particular thread by Pearce, it just does my heart good. I'd have LOVED to have seen his face when he read those responses. He knows you've got him dead to rights. We need a whole lot of that from our national republic leaders when their "progressive" opponents use ludicrous phrases like "suppressing citizen's right to vote" and so forth. If a radical liberal/progressive can't cite race and women (and now they're starting to use "older people") when they talk about anything republicans try to do, they can't think of anything else to say.

I think I might come back to the front page. It's such fun to throw down facts against the bullski Pearce put here.

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