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Raleigh Arts Commissioner Lee Tripi recently spoke out on behalf of Juame Plensa’s Plaza in the News and Observer 8-17-06. He wrote:

“Decisions concerning public art should not be about what any individual likes or dislikes…

“Those who see more value in hot beds of asphalt …than in having a city square with cultural significance and artistic implications should be politely heard but never taken seriously…”, and,

“We should seek to enlighten those who have not developed an understanding of artistic expression…”

Well, now.

Think about that a moment. It sounds like what Mr. Tripi just said -- more or less -- is if you can’t recognize Mr. Plensa’s genius you may be a redneck to be pitied, educated but never taken seriously.

All you rednecks out there write this down: C-H-A-R-L-I-E  M-E-E-K-E-R. And remember, next time the Mayor runs for reelection, he helps appoint the Arts Commissioner.



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