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If a newspaper is going to be a ‘Fact Checker’ it ought to take the time to do the research to get its facts straight.
A few days ago the News and Observer reported Paul Coble ‘has voted to issue’ millions of dollars in new Wake County bonds (debt) but added, But those bonds were first approved by voters. That statement is incorrect. In 2009 Paul Coble voted to pass $328 million in ‘Limited Obligation Bonds’ voters did not approve. No one other than Paul Coble and the County Commissioners voted to incur the debt.
The ‘Fact Checker’ also overlooked another fact: Paul Coble supported passing the $970 million dollar ‘General Obligation Bond’ that was on the ballot in 2006. That debt was passed by voters but Coble urged people to support it before the election – the debt wasn’t forced on him.
Fact-Checking is not an easy job, but if you want to say who’s right and who’s wrong take the time to do a little research.
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# Chris
Tuesday, May 08, 2012 11:38 AM
The 2006 Bond was for building new schools in Wake County at a time when several schools worth of school-age children were coming to the district EVERY YEAR. Carter, are you saying that these bonds were NOT appropriate or that Coble was wrong to vote for them?

Please tell me that Holding is not another "Starve the public schools" type of Conservative. That's the main reason I voted against Coble.

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