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The guest blog below was sent to me by a TAPster Friday, before the Komen Foundation cried uncle – or aunt. But it’s worth posting today:
Anyone who watched yesterday’s Andrea Mitchell interview with Susan Komen Foundation founder Ambassador Nancy G. Brinker could plainly see a train wreck in slow motion.  Not only did Brinker fail to adequately defend Komen’s politically-motivated decision to defund Planned Parenthood, but Andrea Mitchell actually began to stiffen and sneer-- visibly moving away from her interview subject.  Looks like thousands of women are doing the same thing.  Moving away from Big Pink.
In a blow-by-blow of what unfolded yesterday, Livi Leroux Miller describes “the accidental rebranding” of Komen from a breast cancer charity to a pro-life breast cancer charity.
And there, in the nick of time was Michael Bloomberg, whose $250,000 contribution helped match within 24 hours, Planned Parenthood’s entire $680,000 funding loss. Chalk one up for Cecile Richards and reasonable people everywhere. 
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