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Off and running hard for reelection the other day Governor Perdue charged over to the legislature to confront the newly elected Republican Majority and right off she threw the gauntlet down challenging the Republicans to limit the legislative session to 45 days and to appoint an independent commission to handle redistricting both of which Republicans have supported in the past – but the Governor forgot one minor problem.
In other words she set out to nail the Republicans for flip-flopping and instead got nailed for flip-flopping herself which, all in all, is a pretty self-immolating way to launch a reelection campaign.
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# dap916
Saturday, December 18, 2010 5:13 PM
Regardless of the maneuvering...republicans MUST take control of redistricting. Sure, there will be a short-lived media bashing regarding that, but the 10-year advantage for republicans (offsetting the decades of democratic redistricting efforts) will be worth it. Anyone, anywhere that looks at our districts KNOWS that what is currently set up is nothing but giving the advantage to the dems. That must change.

Next issue.
# Carbine
Monday, December 20, 2010 7:56 PM
They should draw the lines for the upcoming election in accordance with the rules they inheirited from the Democrats (minus the tricks), but the long-term solution is an independent commission. For this session they should also pay very close attention to their own arguements in the successful lawsuit they pursued earlier this decade. Of course, any way they do it they will be criticized by the Democrats and their media allies, since any fair map will inevitably favor Republicans in this conservative state.

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